Friday, 11 March 2011

Ubuntu: How to Add Gmail to Indicator Applet

Ubuntu's indicator applet is a relatively new, nifty tool for getting rid of all the system bar clutter and organising it in one drop-down menu.  I'd say it's received mixed reviews... But I like it.  By default, it integrates with instant messaging, email, social broadcast and audio programs BUT its email integration only goes so far as Evolution.

I don't use Evolution.  I find it too clunky and prefer my web-based gmail client.  But the indicator applet menu doesn't allow for web-based gmail noitification by default.  To enable, we must install the gm-notify package.  The good news is that it's contained within the universe repository and installation is a piece of cake.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gm-notify

You will see a new menu item called GMail Notifier Configuration under System > Preferences.  Open it and configure your account:

Once saved, you need only to restart your menubar and all will be well:

killall gnome-panel

Based on my settings, clicking Inbox will open a Google Chrome browser and take me to new mail.


Frank said...

How do you open with Google Chrome? In my ubuntu install it only wants to open firefox.

andrew said...

I don't have access to my linux box right now... but I think the Notifier uses your default browser. You should be able to set the default from System > Preferences > Preferred Applications

Frank said...

That's it! Thanks!

For some reason in Ubuntu the "Standard" Browser and "Preferred" Browser are not the same thing...

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