Saturday, 27 June 2015

SNES Emulator on Elementary OS Linux

Getting SNES emulation to work on your linux machine is super easy.  I'm running elementary OS Freya on an Acer C720 chromebook.

The two main contenders for SNES emulation are SNES9x and ZSNES.  Between the two options, you want ZSNES.  SNEX9x is ok and much easier to use, but ZSNES offers more customisation and works better on my linux machine.

The best part is that it's already included in the repos: 

sudo apt-cache search zsnes
sudo apt-get install zsnes

I had to also install jstest-gtk in order to get my iBuffalo SNES retro usb gamepads to work.  Once installed, they worked like a charm and only required button configuration in ZSNES.  

sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk

Now head on over to DopeROMs and grab some of the classics.

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