Thursday, 28 May 2015

HJC CL-17 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Here's a little review of HJC's CL-17 motorcycle helmet.  I picked this up from Royal Distributing early this riding season (also check out Canada's Motorcycle in Canada or Revzilla in the USA) and have been using it for 1-2 months.

The helmet review is mostly positive with really only a couple shortfalls.  Here's a link to the manufacturer page as well.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to Change Motorcycle Engine Oil & Filter: Honda CBR 125

This is the 3rd of 3 videos showcasing some maintenance I'm performing on a 2008 Honda CBR 125 motorcycle for my wife.  The factory service manual recommends cleaning the oil filter (strainer) every 12,000 kms and this bike already has 16,000 kms... I can't confirm that it's every been done so why not do it yourself and provide some peace of mind!

-12mm socket
-10mm deep socket
-Set of screwdrivers
-rubber mallet
-needlenose pliers

Previous video: How to Adjust Motorcycle Valve Clearances (CBR 125)

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

How to Adjust Motorcycle Valve Clearances: 2008 Honda CBR 125

This is the 2nd of 3 videos showing some maintenance on a 2008 Honda CBR 125 motorcycle I picked up for my wife.  In this video, I'm going through how to check & adjust valve clearances (valve lash).  It's pretty easy to do and really the only hardship is the small working space.

Previous Video: How to Fix Motorcycle Temperature Gauge (CBR 125)
Next Video: How to Change Engine Oil & Filter (CBR 125)

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Monday, 25 May 2015

How to Fix Motorcycle Temperature Gauge: 2008 Honda CBR 125

This is the 1st video of 3 showing some maintenance on a used 2008 Honda CBR 125 I picked up for my wife.  I bought the bike used, private sale with about 16,000 kms on the odometer.  The first thing I noticed was that the temp gauge wasn't moving at all (i.e. showing no temperature).  The previous owner wasn't helping out with any info so I decided to pull a few things apart and check things out for myself.

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to Change Car Engine Oil: 2003 Mazda Protege

Here's a quick video showing how to change the oil in your car.  This is for a 2003 Mazda Protege LX 2.0L... but the technique remains largely the same with most modern vehicles.

For this specific vehicle, I'm using:

  • Fram 6607 oil filter
  • 3.5 L of engine oil (this is the required amount with a filter change)
  • 5w-30 for -30C to +40C (or 10w-30 for -20C to +40C)

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Friday, 22 May 2015

How to Make Money on Youtube: Enable Monetization

Well, although I'll still keep this blog going I'm also starting to detail some projects and how-to's on youtube.  You can find my youtube account here, under the name anjpvideo.

Let's start where I'm starting: how to start making some money on youtube by enabling video ads.  This is done by enabling the overall setting called 'monetization'.  It's pretty simple to do and there are almost no prerequisites.  Take a look below!

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