Monday, 23 November 2009

IE Tab in Google Chrome

[Edit:  Since the time of this post, a Google-chrome IE Tab has been released and can be found here.]

Firefox has a great plugin called IE Tab.  It basically allows you to open any link, URL, etc. in a new tab emulating IE.  This is convenient for running web apps such as OWA, where functionality is significantly decreased when using Chrome or FF.  Google's Chrome doesn't have this plugin, and it's extremely annoying!

Here's a way to (manually) emulate IE Tab in Chrome:
  1. Go to and install MeadCo's Neptune

  2. Copy npmeadax.dll from C:\Program Files\MeadCo Neptune\ to your Chrome \plugins directory (usually C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\plugins\)

  3. Select this text and drag to bookmarks bar:
  4. Give it a name, such as "convert to IE"

  5. Click this bookmark whenever you open a page that requires IE emulation.
I realise that this procedure isn't as pretty as IE Tab.  You can't pre-program select URLs or domains to automatically open in IE, and there's no support for the context menu.  But, hey, at least it works!


Anonymous said...

Chrome IE Tab extension now exists:

andrew said...

Thanks anon. Yes, I should mention that since the time of this post there has been a release of IE Tab. It's fantastic and I use it for the few sites that still do not support anything else but IE (e.g. Outlook Web Access)...

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