Friday, 30 October 2009

Picasa 3.5 face recognition tips

Picasa 3.5 is here!  I realise that it's been here for quite some time....but I'm just jumping on board now.

The top feature of 3.5 (and the reason I upgraded) is face recognition.  Turning on face recognition prompts Picasa to scan your photos and identify faces.  Once the face has been identified, the application will suggest other photos with similar features and auto-tag them appropriately (BTW, the face tagging syncs with your gmail contacts!).

However, after the scan I still had around 3,000 photos that remained for manual tagging.  I.E. Picasa couldn't match them with a previously identified face.  Here's a tip I picked up from cronoklee in the Google Support Forums: 

  • A low suggestion threshold suggests more faces (less accurate matches) for each person.
  • A high suggestion threshold suggests only faces Picasa is pretty certain about.   
  • A low cluster threshold groups more faces together on the naming page. (but obviously may get some wrong)
  • A high cluster threshold means that only very similar photos are grouped together on the naming page.

You can access these options from the menu using Tools > Options > Name Tags (tab)


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