Monday, 5 November 2007

google pushes

Has anyone read this BBC internet article: Google Pushes into Mobile Phones (

This may or may not be exciting to you, but as an avid Google user I am thrilled. I believe somewhat sarcastically that Google is well on its way to world domination.

Don't believe me? Just google "google."

Here are some quick facts about Google Inc:
- based in Mountain View, CA
- approx 10.6 billion annual revenue (30% profit)
- no. 241 on Fortune 500 (2007)
- started as search engine, now has hand in variety of industries
--- AdSense / Adwords
-- - dMarc (radio ads)
--- Blogger/Blogspot
--- Picasa (photo)
--- Writley (Docs & Spreadsheets) / Apps
--- YouTube (
--- JotSpot (wiki)
--- DoubleClick (ads)
--- Postini (email filteraton & security)
--- Gmail
--- Google Earth
--- Desktop
--- Toolbar
--- News
--- Calendar
--- Reader
--- Froogle (ebay-like ecommerce)
--- Orkut (facebook-like social networking)
--- Goobuntu (linux desktop, $200)
--- **now, Android (cellular)**

Now, Google will be creating an OS to run on cellular phones. Working with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, they will not be offering their own cellular device, but instead running their software on mobile handsets worldwide - leaving the manufacture to the pros.

We all know how effective and efficient Google has become, and I can only imagine how well a Google OS would work.

Some interesting points:
- linux-based
- free OS
- direct competition with Palm, RIM, Microsoft, Symbian etc.

I think there is no question that the Google cellular OS will be stellar. With the vast experience Google has in almost every technological market, a Google OS (either Goobuntu or cellular) will move ahead, stunning users and decimating all others.

The real question is "do I want to give yet another piece of my life to Google?"

Let's face it. Google is free, its great, AND it's easy.... these are generally contradictory adjectives.

I can't believe that the only reason Google is moving ahead with such things is for its AdSense hand, which is the only obvious revenue-generating component of the vast Google economy. This means that there is some underlying objective that the general public has failed to notice. I'm sure there is some large database holding everything Google knows about me (and with my use of Google, we're probably talking terrabytes).

Is it worth it? Ah.. but it's so appealing.


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